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Each year, the rapid development of technologies brings different innovative solutions for people all over the world to amend their quality of living. In its time, one of such technologies was the cyber world whose key function consists of information exchange between users. Today, the data transmission haste, amounts of data, and facilitate of receiving data stir the imagination. As far back as 20 years ago, the cyber world was only available to programmers and computer geeks. Today, we witness the way the incipient technology called Blockchain is emerging and developing. This technology is to provide equal conditions for internet users to ascertain that data is handled safely and transparently. Despite the fact that the technology is now rather arduous to decipher, our team firmly believes that its prosperity and ecumenical coverage are just around the corner. For this reason, we made up our mind to engender a project that will sanction a gradual integration of the Blockchain into users’ daily life.

Albeit Bazista is not the first or last to endeavor to realize our zeal, we are plenary of optimism and ebullience to rank among those who develop incipient infrastructure. We decided to, come up with and implement bold conceptions and decisions that at the cessation of the day, will avail make people’s life more facile around the world. An excellent example for our aim is the prosperity of Amazon and Ebay companies that have sempiternally transmuted the trading rules in the B2C and C2C sector. Today, we would relish to introduce you to the platform that will sanction you to take a paramount step forward in the electronic commerce industry. By utilizing incipient payment instruments and verbalize-of-the-art technologies of data exchange and storage, we have engendered the platform enabling the safe and straightforward online exchange of goods and accommodations, the Bazista platform.

What is Bazista 

Bazista is an upcoming E-commerce platform for online exchanges of goods and service. Their mission is

to create a simple and safe platform enabling
the exchange of goods and services, with a wide range of infrastructure
solutions offered to users and holders of cryptocurrencies and digital

Bazista is an exchange platform for B2C and C2C that utilizes incipient technologies of settlement of transactions between users. Our accommodation enables a utilizer to facilely exchange indispensable goods and accommodations for cryptocurrency by interacting with other platform users. Bazista will comprise all strengths of some market giants like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba (rating system, payment depositing, distribution tracking, and transaction arbitration) and bring this business segment to a incipient technology level owing to utilizing au courant exchange instruments. Bazista is a competitor to the exclusive decentralised platform for trading, C2C OpenBazaar. The difference includes the smooth development of the platform that gasconades a userfriendly interface aimed to simplify, to a certain possible extent , the process of exchange of goods and accommodations by utilizing product promotion technology through other platform users.

As usual, this platform will use cryptocurrency and digital assets to settle the transaction. The usage of cryptocurrency also ensures transaction transparency and ease of use for the users. They have the vision to become the Amazon and Ebay to business-to-business (B2B) and customer-to-customer (C2C) but instead of fiat cash, Bazista will use cryptocurrency and digital assets instead.

They obviously are not the first to blockchainize the E-commerce market. In the past few months itself, there have been numerous ICOs trying to solve the same problem — implementing blockchain in the E-commerce. Here is some example that I found:

I’m not implying anything here, those links above are meant only for comparison.

Bazista Advantages

Up to 0% Fee

For buyer: By using cryptocurrencies as the main payment channel, the users on
Bazista platform will not get additional expenses associated with conversion of fiat
currencies on classical C2C platforms (e.g. for cross border trading), which will
allow saving 1.5-3% of the paid cost on average.

For seller: Commissions collected by the platform for making a transaction are just 4% of
the final cost of the goods. Placing goods on the Bazista platform will allow
reducing costs due to low commissions or commission-free transactions by
depositing BZS tokens on the account balance (see section 8.3 “Storing

Instant Payment

Our platform will enable all holders of cryptocurrency assets to use them as an
instrument of purchase of different goods, and this wil substantially reduce
time when a transationis made.

By using cryptocurrency as a means of exchange for the goods and services
offered, you will also avoid time wastage due to control and checking of
payments through local and international regulators.

Tax Free

Considering that the status of cryptocurrencies is not clear in most
jurisdictions, it is vital to note that exchanging goods and services for
cryptocurrencies is non-assessable, which contributes to reducing buyers’

Token Distribution

Issuing tokens and the process of making them available the public will be arranged
through the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of high sale a total
of 440,000,000 BZS tokens will be issued. This quantity is final, and no additional
rounds of emission will be provided.
Tokens will be issued within the framework of the smart contract delivering the ERC20
standard. It is important to note that in case of incorrect transaction of tokens to a
articular address, of the smart contract not providing for the handling with the same,
they can be recalled by using the token Fallback function. This will help prevent any
loss of tokens.

1 ETH = 11 000 BZS

321 200 000 BZS (73%) will be available during the crowdsale
66 000 000 BZS (15%) will remain with the Bazista team
17 600 000 BZS (4%) is the reserve for marketing campaigns within the platform
13 200 000 BZS (3%) can be obtained within pre-ICO
13 20 0 000 BZS (3%) will be given to the project advisors
8 800 000 BZS (2%) will be paid within the bounty campaign

Pre-ICO detail

The conditions of obtaining tokens under the pre-ICO program provide a bonus of
45% of the initial number of tokens received. This program involves several offline
rounds of investment. We are also considering initiating a series of investment online.
The options, date and time of online round will be included in the document as soon as
detailed Information on the program is available.

Bazista Ecosystem Flow


Although this ICO is not 100% original and fresh, Bazista still have the chance to be the first popular Blockchain-ed E-commerce. I recommend everyone to participate in this ICO. If you want to read more about Bazista, click here

Bazista Website

Bitcointalk Announcement Thread


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