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Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games. By utilizing the latest technology in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Bountie platform reduces the chances of fraud, high transactional fees and introduces a whole incipient experience in eSports and gaming.

Projected Bountie Ecosystem

Bountie wants to make a Gaming Ecosystem that revolves around the Gamers, Partners and Bountie. The Partners refer to Computer Hardware companies such as Razer, MSi, Dell’s Alienware and additionally game developers like Bluehole Studio Inc (For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) & Valve Corporation (For Counterstrike & Dota 2). Hardware companies would be able to sell their products online and offiline via Bountie‘s platforms to Gamers. Bountie also operates sweepstakes and tournaments that sanction Gamers to win products. Bountie will withal work proximately with partners to accumulate feedback on products or games, engender in-house content around them and avail them to publicise to our targeted group of Gamers. Thus, engendering an Ecosystem where everybody requires everybody and a vigorous network effect that invigorates as we scale.

Business Model

Esports overview

We soothsay that eSports will perpetuate to grow more astronomically immense. Bountie aims to be the platform to facilitate eSports, from the casual gamer to the professionals. Sanctioning everyone to have a chance to make a living while playing the games that they love. Bountie will additionally engender incipient types of jobs and sources of revenue for gamers. Like what Uber, TaskRabbit and Deliveroo did for independent contractors & freelance workers.

Bountie Gaming Team

Bountie will open registration for our very own Bountie Gaming Team in 2018. Gamers who wish to play and train full-time can join our Bountie Gaming Team. There will be a plethora of development from this. An intriguing example would be having a desultory match up against our Bountie Gaming Team. The rewards for the match would double up and an adscititious Bounty amount will be given to the winning team. Our Bountie team will be sponsored to take part in international eSports Tournament to compete against the best in the world. We withal have plans to work with Game Developers to engender games in 2018 that are competitive, adroit-predicated and fun. This will ascertain that Bountie has control over the direction for a number of games designed and developed by Bountie.


Main Features

Proprietary Matchmaking Algorithms

Bountie utilizes algorithms to matchmake players with homogeneous adeptness sets. This results in a caliber of competitiveness and additionally assuring fair and even matches.


The Bountie Leaderboard experience is kept fresh through the exordium of Leaderboards. These Leaderboards are refreshed every quarterly. Tops 10 players on the Leaderboards receive supplemental Bounty above and beyond their match winnings.

Immediate Match Rewards

An element of instant gratification is baked into Bountie. Players pay a diminutive fee to participate in competitive matches and immediately receive earnings when they win these matches. Because of technical and fraud obviation, Bountie will exhibit “Pending Winnings” inside the winner’s wallet but Bountie Coins will only be transferred in a week when the match has been verified that it’s won fair and square by the juries(admin from Bountie or a group of fellow gamers).

Quest Rewards System

Players can earn Bountie coins by consummating daily quests. For example: – Play 10 games. – Get 50 kills. – Share your match results on convivial media. Party Support Bountie enables Players to group up with friends and play their favourite games together. Players may withal optate to play solo. In team-predicated matches, solo Players will be grouped with other similarly ranked Players via Bountie’s matchmaking system.


Tournaments are organised weekly and hosted by Bountie. There will be 3 types of Tournaments for our Gamers to participant. Tournaments will be organized in single-elimination method. For example, a total 16 teams, head-on-head in a table format. The last 2 teams remaining will compete in the finals. As more gamers join Bountie’s platform, there would be more frequent tournaments and incipient types of tournaments.

Buy In

Gamers can partake in our weekly Tournament by registering with their team and for a nominal fee. This nominal fee combines with the rest of the other teams’ and makes up the prize pool for the Tournament.


Our Partners can approach Bountie to organise a Tournament. Eg. Razer 2018 Tournament. Winners of tournament are awarded Razer sponsored prizes/products.

Free to Play (F2P)

Gamers can join in our weekly tournaments with no cost or buy-in. The top 3 winners of each tournament gets rewarded with Bountie Coins and the champion of each tournament added to a main event where they compete with the other Free to Play champions. The winners this main event will be awarded with Gaming Products sponsored by our Partners with Prize Pools.

About the Token

Bountie coin will be engendered utilizing Ethereum’s ERC20 Token Standard as it enables us to control our coins in a formalised & standardised manner. We will be utilizing its functions to issue, distribute and control the Bountie Coin We will be implementing keenly intellective contracts on our Coin sales, platform functionalities like player to player wager, bellwether board pool split, pool to platform split and referral program for a commencement. The utilization of astute contract will sanction us to capitalize on the security that the Ethereum protocol provides without having the technical intricacy to monitor and execute the conditional logic needed for the above transactions. These transactions would then be verifiable via the blockchains, making fraud and tampering profoundly arduous to execute.

Presale Detail

200 Million Bountie Coins will be created, only 150 Million for Sale.

Presale will be done at Bountio.io/tokensale

Token purchasers who join in our presale will receive a bonus in the form of additional tokens. Any unsold Bountie Coins will be burnt by the end of the token sale. All Bountie Coins held by the team will not be sold for at least 6 months.

45% of the funds will be allocated to build a world class platform that gamers will enjoy using. And also fueling the daily operational expenses like hosting fees, transaction fees, overheads, equipments and more.

25% will go to marketing. Our marketing budget wouldbe used to acquire customers to join our Bountie platform and ecosystem. Using digital ads, promotions, offline & online tournaments, referral campaigns to drive adoption and awareness.

Buy Token or Learn More

Announcement thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2436226.0

Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2436249

Website: https://bountie.io/tokensale



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